• Un ranchero muy macho


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    This workbook reviews colors, greetings and introduces ordinal numbers beyond the 50th. It reviews basic questions, introduces commands related to movement and introduces essential language structures needed for basic communication including: "quería tener, puede tener, ha ganado, ha jugado, ha llorado, ha robado, irá, no era de ella, ha saltado, ha visto, hablará, cocinará, ha tenido, ha sentido, ha explicado, ha descansado, trabajará, ha comido, ha corridor, se ha enfermado, le ha dolido, se ha caído, sabrá, sonreirá, va a abrazar, se va a enojar, ayudará and buscará" while reviewing grammatical structures taught in previous workbooks.

    In addition, it reviews formulaic expressions including: How are you? What are you called? How old are you? Students will compare and differentiate typical household lifestyles between Spanish-speaking countries. 

    This workbook is recommended for students in 8th grade after completing "Pepe el zapato bailador" and contains essential material to cover within the academic year. There are seven short stories, additional reading comprehension exercises, and timed writings. 

    Furthermore, there are several formats of written activities throughout the workbook, including a blank space where students can draw and write the stories created in class. There are five musical lessons aid students to adjust their hearing to Spanish pronunciation. Lastly, as part of a cultural activity, students learn about daily life in México. 

  • Un ranchero muy macho
  • Un ranchero muy macho

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