About Us

CONVERSA is an educational organization that provides Spanish language programs to young students from Kindergarten to 8th Grade.
Conversa was founded by two Spanish teachers that have seen, first hand, the benefits of bilingualism and who believe that foreign  language acquisition at a young age will offer immeasurable opportunities for the long term futures of young students.
The mission of Conversa Books is to provide educational material which allow interested teachers and educators to teach Spanish for long term acquisition through an efficient, structured and engaging program where students can speak the language and communicate effectively. 

Our students are introduced to new cultures while widening professional and personal opportunities. CONVERSA makes learning as convenient and accessible as possible by offering customized solutions to our clients. 
Contact us:
Conversa Books Sales: sales@conversaspanish.com
Ana Laura Alfaro: ana_laura@conversaspanish.com
Cecilia Hierro: cecilia.hierro@conversaspanish.com

Customer Service: 1 (816)-226-6837 
Fax number: 1 (732)-753-6607
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Mailing address:
Conversa Inc.
27702 Crown Valley Pkwy. Ste D-4 #277
Ladera Ranch, CA  92694