• ¿Estás enojado Leonardo?


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      The Conversa workbooks are a combination of textbook and workbook and are designed to introduce students to the most essential structures (nouns, verbs, short sentences) in Spanish allowing them to communicate in Spanish almost immediately. Gradually, through interconnected activities, students progress in a logical way to more common structures that govern how Spanish is spoken and written. The structures are introduced on the basis of how often they are used in everyday Spanish.

      Beautifully designed, Conversa workbooks have great characters that the students can relate to, fun and unexpected stories that will captivate the students' imagination, a fresh and modern layout with amusing illustrations.

    ¿Estás enojado Leonardo?

    This book is the second of a series of three and covers level 1B for the National Spanish Standards. It introduces the use of the present progresive tense.  Recommended for students from 6th to 9th grade..


    • Review greetings, colors and days of the week and numbers 1 to 1,000,000
    • Review formulaic expressions such as ¿Cómo estás?
    • Review basic questions such as ¿Qué?, ¿Quién?, ¿Dónde?, etc.
    • Review basic structures: hay, tiene, quiere, dice, va a, se llama, le gusta, pide.
    • Review basic commands and introduce commands related to cleaning.
    • Review essential language structures needed for communication in Spanish.
    • Introduce the use of diminutive endings.
    • Review the use of definite and indefinite articles.
    • Introduce language structures and vocabulary related to housework.
    • Introduce the use of adverbs.
    • Introduce the use of "Present Progressive" as an immediate present tense.
    • Students will find comparisons and differences of regular household situations with Spanish speaking countries.
  • ¿Estás enojado Leonardo?
  • ¿Estás enojado Leonardo?

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