• ¡Al agua patos!, Teacher's Guide


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    The easy-to-implement activities and strategies in the Teacher's Guide will help Spanish language teachers enhance their students' success in Spanish language acquisition. The guide shows how to create a comfortable environment where students feel confident to reproduce and practice Spanish. Teachers are given the tools so students can actively experience, experiment and discover Spanish. It applies reading, storytelling, personalized questions and answers, personalized mini situations, pop up grammar, musical lessons, games and other educational innovations to the foreign language classroom.

    This great resource takes the place lesson planning. Each lesson is clearly defined with objectives, materials, tips and ideas that provide an array of activities for the whole school year. Grammar Pop Ups are included to introduce grammar. The appendix offers TPR and TPRS basics, additional techniques and games.

    ¡Al agua patos! is the first book of a series of three using present tense only and covering level 1A for the National Spanish Standards. Recommended for students from 5th to 9th grade.

  • ¡Al agua patos!, Teacher's Guide
  • ¡Al agua patos!, Teacher's Guide

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