• Ana y las cucarachas verdes, Teacher's Guide


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    "Ana y las cucarachas verdes" Teacher's Guide includes 11 lesson plans designed for 60-minute classes. Teachers can adjust the content of the lessons according to the allotted class time. This Guide contains a complete section on how to use the TPRS method (Total Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling), class lessons, and a section on suggested homework assignments. 

    Each lesson contains the following:

    •  The class objective
    •  Suggested materials to bring to class
    •  Grammatical structures to perform TPR (Total Physical Response)
    •  Suggested gestures to perform TPR
    •  Personalized questions and answers sections (PQA)
    •  Personalized mini situations (PMS)
    •  Engaging activities/games to review structures
    •  Extra vocabulary
    •  A musical lesson
    •  Three reading lessons
    •  A cultural lesson that teaches where Spanish is predominant in geographical areas, why it is spoken in the United States of America, why it is important to learn Spanish and how Spanish speakers greet one another

    The appendix contains a list of games that can be used with the vocabulary being taught.

  • Ana y las cucarachas verdes, Teacher's Guide
  • Ana y las cucarachas verdes, Teacher's Guide

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