The Conversa workbooks are a combination of textbook and workbook and are designed to introduce students to the most essential structures (nouns, verbs, short sentences) in Spanish allowing them to communicate in Spanish almost immediately. Gradually, through a interconnected activities, students progress in a logical way to more common structures that govern how Spanish is spoken and written. The structures are introduced on the basis of how often they are used in everyday Spanish.


Beautifully designed, Conversa workbooks have great characters that the students can relate to, fun and unexpected stories that will captivate the students’ imagination, a fresh and modern layout with amusing illustrations.


Middle school books:

¿Estás enojado Leonardo? - 6th grade

Pepe el zapato bailador - 7th grade

Un ranchero muy macho - 8th grade

Elementary books:

Yo quiero pizza -  First semester 1st grade 

Que comes - Second semester 1st grade

Toro y caballo - First semester 2nd grade

¡Ay que sueño! - Second semester 2nd grade

Ana y las cucarachas - First semester 3rd grade

La vida loca - Second semester 3rd grade

Comida en el ombligo - First semester 4th grade

El pingüino que habla pingüino - Second semester 4th grade

¡Al agua patos! -  5th grade

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