• ¿Qué comes?


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     ¿Qué comes? student book reviews the colors, numbers from one to ten, and basic greetings. It introduces numbers 11 to 20 and reviews basic questions, commands and introduces essential language structures needed for basic communication, including: tiene hambre, come, tiene sed, bebe, le gusta , está contento, está triste, le duele and está enfermo. 

    It reviews formulaic expressions including: How are you? What are you called? How old are you? Students will learn basic structures regarding food questions, while discovering the food culture in Spanish speaking countries. Students will learn parts of the body. 

    This workbook is recommended for students in 1st grade after completing "Yo quiero pizza" workbook (second semester of the school year). 

    There are two short stories in the workbook with illustrations that allow students to practice reading in Spanish. In addition, there are several formats of written activities throughout the workbook, including a blank space where the students can draw and write the stories created in class. Lastly, as part of an in-class cultural activity, students get to prepare "guacamole and agua de sandía".

  • ¿Qué comes?
  • ¿Qué comes?

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